28 Jan

Getting Your Moles Check + Preventing Melanoma


Let’s get serious ladies. We all get annual check ups, but during those sessions, does your physician take a look at your moles? This may be something that you and even your doctor may neglect. But getting those moles checked is necessary.

During my annual check ups as a kid, my child physician would always take a look at the moles on my body. One year, when I was 13, my doctor took a serious look at a mole on my back, which was 5 millimeters in circumference and was quite pronounced. Concerned of my chances of getting melanoma, he recommended that my parents bring me to a skin specialist to have the mole removed. The surgery, and the fact that it was my first, was definitely daunting for a 13 yearsold. The reality that a doctor would be operating on me with a knife, or any surgical tool, did not struck me until I was changing into my dressing gown and waiting for the nurse to take me to the operation suite. Tears streamed down my cheek as the doctor numbed the area on my back with the mole. Thankfully, the surgery was quick, but the fact that 5 fellows were crowded around the operation table while the doctor was operating on me definitely did not make me feel any less uncomfortable. The results came back after the surgery and thankfully my mole did not have any signs of melanoma. But the scar that was left on my back reminded me of the importance of protecting my skin.


Sunscreen is definitely something that I apply to my face and body  year round. No matter what the weather is outside, if I head out, sunscreen application 10-15 minutes prior is always a must. While sunscreen is a key for preventing melanoma, your best bet is to get your moles checked on an annual basis by your physician or dermatologist. You can also check on your moles and see if any of them have changed in shape or form.

Here is more info on melanoma: http://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-information/melanoma

Do you get your moles checked by your physician or dermatologist on an annual basis?