10 Jul

Natural Solutions: What Your Acne is Telling You About Your Health

Acne can be our worst enemy. Not only do we break the bank trying to find the acne solution to help heal our dire skin condition, we also spend money on makeup to conceal those red spots. Rather than piling on loads of makeup or buying acne medicine that may make things worse by drying out our skin or making it more sensitive, why not try to figure out why we’re breaking out in the first place. Did you know that the location of your acne can help you pin point the cause and solution of your skin condition?

Below are reasons for why your acne is concentrated in the specific part of your face and possible solutions. Due note that I am not an expert; this is information that I compiled from research. I hope this information will help you with your acne struggle. As a teenager, I too suffered with acne and still get spots occasionally. I’ve noticed that exercising, eating a healthier, more balanced diet, and switching to eco-friendly skincare and makeup products has definitely helped my skin. As a teenager, I tended to eat a lot of processed foods, like sugary cereal for breakfast, cookies for snack, and eating chips and ice-cream at night. All of these processed foods not only made me feel sluggish, but was most likely a main cause for my acne. Of course, other reasons, like lack of sleep, stress, or hormonal imbalance, could have played a factor as well. I hope that the information below will be of use to you. Good luck!

Location: Forehead

Reason: If you tend to get spots on the top of your forehead, it could be due to stress or mood swings.

Solution: Reduce stress by doing some yoga or your preferred type of exercise. Exercising helps produce endorphins, which can reduce stress and improve our mood. It also helps to maintain a healthy sleep schedule as well as drinking a lot of water.


Location: Temple

Reason: If you see acne appearing on your temples, then it could be caused by your eating habit, specifically eating too many processed or greasy foods.

Solution: Change your eating habits by staying clear of processed foods and eating more fruits and veggies.


Location: Between your Eyebrows

Reason: If your acne is concentrated between your eyebrows, it could be an indicator of poor diet.

Solution: Avoid spicy foods, overly salty foods, or anything high in sodium.


Location: Nose

Reason: Spots on the nose could indicate poor digestion.

Solution: A healthy diet and constant exercise will help to boost digestion.


Location: Left Side of the Cheek

Reason: Spots on this side of the cheek could be due to an imbalance in the lungs.

Solution: Avoid smoking or second hand smoking.


Location: Right Side of the Cheek

Reason: Spots on the right side could be due to an imbalance of the liver.

Solution: Avoid drinking too much alcohol.


Location: Corners of the Mouth

Reason: Spots appearing around the mouth may be due to constipation or your toothpaste.

Solution: If you are experiencing constipation, then drink more water and eat more green veggies. If not, it could be your toothpaste. Try switching to a different type or brand and see if your spots subside.


Location: Chin

Reason: Spots on the chin indicate hormonal imbalance.

Solution: Hormonal imbalance can sometimes be caused by the foods we eat. Milk contains more hormones may increase our skin’s oil production. Try staying clear of dairy products for a week and see if there is a change in your acne.


Image: gnet.org