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Thailand Recap: What’s in my Holiday Skincare Bag

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Thailand is definitely a beach destination. My choice for sun rays was Phuket. With an array of beaches to choose from, I stayed at Kata, which has less tourists, allowing for a more relaxed and leisure vacation. I soaked up the sun rays (and some rain showers), inhaled the beautiful waters and views on the way to Phi Phi Island, and enjoyed Thailand’s palette of sweet, sour, and spicy dishes.  In today’s post, I’ll share with you my skincare travel essentials as well as some scenic pictures of Phi Phi Island.

Since I only brought along one carry-on luggage and a tote bag, I had to make sure that all my liquids fit in one plastic zip-lock bag and was under 100 ml each. I chose to keep my skincare regimen rather simple and basic during my trip. My main goal was sun protection and keeping my skin moisturized and supple. Below are the eco-friendly products I brought with me on my trip.

Travel Skin Essentials

Sheet Mask* – The sun rays and hot weather can really do damage to the skin. During my vacation, I would treat myself to a personal spa session by indulging in a sheet mask. For those of you who are unfamiliar with sheet masks, it’s a mask usually made of cotton that is soaked in a serum and has cut-outs for your eyes, nose, and lips. There are masks available for various skin concerns, whether it’s moisturizing, brightening, acne targeting, soothing — you name, most likely it’s out there. Usually a sheet mask can be applied to the face and left on for 30 minutes to let the serum really sink in, but I usually fall asleep and subconsciously take off the mask in the middle of the night.

Sunscreen* – I opted for a more liquid sunscreen for my face and one with a thicker consistency for my body. Usually SPF 30 is fine, but I opted for 50 since I didn’t want to tan too much. Unfortunately my body sunscreen didn’t turn out to be as effective as I expected, and I ended up with a sunburn. So lesson learned, not repurchasing the body sunscreen again.

Bioderma Cleanser – Put some of this cleanser into a travel-friendly bottle. This does double duty as makeup remover and cleanser/toner. Even if you don’t intend to wear makeup during your holiday, you still need to use a makeup remover at night to take off the layers of sunscreen off your face (since you have to reapply throughout the day).

Rosehip Mist – Great for rehydrating the skin mid-day and does double duty as a toner.

Rosehip Oil – My favorite oil of the moment. After a long day on the beach, I definitely enjoy taking a few minutes to massage my cleansed face with this fragrant oil. Read more about my devotion for rosehip oil here.

Skincare products purchased during the trip:

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera – Since I got a sunburn, I went to the closest convenience store and purchased some aloe vera gel to sooth my skin. The cooling sensation definitely helped ease the pain. I also popped it in the  mini fridge the hotel provided. When it’s extra chilly, the gel is very refreshing.

All Natural White Champaka Flower Soap – Indigenous to Thailand, this flower comes from the Magnolia family, and the essential oil helps relieve stress and has anti-aging properties. I picked this up at an all-natural soap store. I also bought a Jasmine Rice Soap, but used it all up before I remembered to take a picture. I’m looking forward to using the White Champaka soap at home.

And now for the best part: vacation pictures! Below are some pictures from our day trip to Phi Phi Island. The view was breathtaking.

Phi Phi Island



Phi Phi Island 3

Phi Phi Island 5


Hope this post was helpful for those planning to pack light for summer traveling. In my next post, I’ll be sharing my food adventures. Stay tuned!


*not eco-friendly, forgive me :\