19 Mar

Spring Eco-Friendly Makeup: Colored Mascara

Eco-Friendly Colored Mascaras - Blue and Purple Mascara from Nvey Eco and 100% Pure

Colored eyeshadow can be intimidating. Done right, and you’ll be admired. Done wrong, and you’ll find yourself soaking a cotton pad in eye makeup remover and having to start from point blank again. Adding a pop of color should not be hard, or intimidating — it should be fun. A great way to make your eyes pop without having to worry about eyeshadow creasing is by letting your eyelids take a back seat and allowing your lashes to take center stage. Yes ladies, I’m talking about colored mascara.

Curled lashes and colored mascara is an instant pick me up and a great wear to wear color on your eyes in a casual way. Purple bring out brown and hazel eyes, and green eyes.  Blue brings out the whites of the eyes, leaving our eyes looking brighter and more rested. With a few swipes of colored mascara, you’ll be able to bat those lashes in a whole new flirtatious and fun way. Try these beautiful eco-friendly colored mascaras below and you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals being near your lashes, or eyes.Nvey Eco’s Volumizing Mascara in blue includes eco-friendly ingredients such as jojoba oil, beeswax and carnauba wax, known to nourish and help build luscious lashes. The mascara comes with a unique square brush, helping the product to grip onto and coat evenly on the lashes.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara comes in two colorful shades, Blackberry, a shimmery black plum, and Blueberry, a shimmery blue black. The mascara formula is derived from fruit and black tea pigments as well as vitamin B5, vitamin E, and wheat protein that will condition your lashes. It’s also water and smudge resistant. Bonus points for that.

For a subtle colored look, try first coating your lashes with black mascara, and then once it dries, go over it with one coat of blue or purple mascara for a pop of color. If you’re feeling spontaneous, then go crazy with two or three coats of colored mascara. And remember, confidence is key. Have fun ladies!