22 Nov

Winter Bliss: Beauty Tips for the Season


Snow is descending upon us. It’s time to slip on those boots and don’t forget a scarf and pair of gloves. Although the holiday season keeps our spirits up, we can’t deny the fact that the weather is doing damage to our skin. Below are some tips to get you through the cold winter months.

Do not use hot water to wash your face.

Even though we are tempted to, using hot water to cleanse our face is not the way to go. Hot water will strip our faces of oil content, which our skin actually needs to stay supple. In the morning, I usually splash my face with water, and then I don’t bother to use cleanser in the morning and go straight to using Bioderma’s Crealine to get rid of any built up from last night. I do wash my face with cleanser at night since I put on makeup during the day. It’s also not recommended to shower with hot scalding water, stick with warm temperatures.

Change up your skincare routine.

It’s time to switch to a cream, especially for night time. If you’re still facing oil issues in these dry winter months, look for a gel cream packed with hyaluronic acid. Moisture without the stickiness.

Switch up your body cleanser. Look for a moisturizing formula.

It’s time to put the anti-bacterial body wash into storage and bring out the body cleansers filled with vitamins and other moisturizing properties. I recently acquired one from Olay with honey.

Body lotions absorb better in the shower.

Moisturize your body right after you shower to lock in all the moisture. Your pores will open up in your steamy shower, making it the prime time to slather on that lotion. Don’t let it go to waste.

Your hair needs some TLC too.

Heat is going to dry it out. Time for some hair mask or deep conditioner therapy. Or just use Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse, the multi-purpose oil for skin and hair that’s filled with eco-friendly loviness like Sweet Almond, Camellia, and Macadamia nut oil.

Your hands and feet need love too.

My favorite time to moisturize my hands and feet is pre-bed time. Always keep a hand lotion handy, your hands dry out quickly throughout the day.


Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!



image: pivotcon.com